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went to see a basketball game tonight. also go to see miss america (as i guess shes from milwaukee and thats where the game was). Also the Packers QB showed up at halftime so ppl were going crazy. ::SHrug:: Im a Chicago kid, so it wasnt much of a thing to me. And miss america wasnt that hot at all imo.

Anywho the game was decent. They had some air guitar standoff between 2 fans and the one that won somehow got all the ppl in our section a free Wendy's Frosty so hell yeah! And they had this cookie go around the whole arena on the like lil digital board and it stopped on our section so we get a free cookie.. Too bad it was hard as a rock lol. Still though, Night of free stuff so im not complaining. :)

Just purchased this

So yes.... a small step into the future of me actually recording my music in good quality. I can run my keyboard/microkorg/bass/electric and acoustic through this. So yes.. a step...

I got it for a decent deal instead of the 120 i got it on ebay for 80 with free shipping.. i had like 25 bucks from a stranger online from helping fix their computer (2 donations so far for doing that!) so really it only cost me like 55 :).

Im doing pretty good at writing in this thing. Kinda brings me back.

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