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Basketball was fun yesterday. Unfortunately the 7am start ended up being a 8am maybe start cuz this kid im staying with i guess got into some trouble and his parole office had to give him persmission and hadnt gotten back to him. So then 8am turned into 9:30 by time he actually got permission and met up with us. Got to the gym around 10 and played until 12:30. Nice good workout :)

One of the dudes Chris is older and more out of shape and was pretty bad , but he tried so thats cool. He was very tired at the 1 1/2 hour mark and toughed it through until the 2 hr mark. The other dude is close to my age and was getting tired/called it quits before me, but he had to work so i can understand. I couldve went another hour though at least. I was hurting/sweating, but it felt good. I didnt end up going to sleep until like 2:30pm and woke up like right at the time i normally get int he shower/get ready for work. Baby cows were hurting a lil bit and i can feel a lil pain, but its all good :)

Ron Paul didnt win any states yesterday :/ Got like 3-4 second place wins, but no true victories. Big corporations are scared crapless of my dude. Its all fixed though so I dont know why I even bother trying to talk sense into people. Le Sigh. This is why i hate politics. Finally a guy who actually makes sense to me, doesnt come off as a liar/puppet shows up wanting to stop messing around with other countries / not start wars / bring troops home / work on America instead of Policing the world etc.. and of course he gets shut out by the media and most people who dont really pay attention just see the same 1 or 2 guys and IF they vote they say 'oh well i know that guy so ill vote for him' Crooked mfers.

Im at the point where I dont know what to say. So im out.

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