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i didnt sleep very well yesterday. I woke up like two times because iw as sleeping on my arm or something wrong and my arm was numb so it woke me up. After the second time i was just like eff it.. and got up. It was ok though because i wanted to watch the Bulls game anyway. D-Rose hit a buzzer beater to win it. It was awesome :D.

I thought of something funny. Well funny to me, but i dunno where to work it in. Maybe in a skit or something. Its just kinda a brief moment of comedy though. There could be different scenarios, but the funny part is some guy is selling a "Lightly Used" love doll. Like one of these http://realdoll.com/ lol. Like i said many combinations could be used thats just one of them. I kinda like the idea of a group of guys and them going some place but one of the guys is like 'sorry guys i cant im in a bidding war. and they're like for what? and he shows them the ebay page and u see the doll and the title "Lightly Used love doll" and then just branch from there. heh.

Yes this is the kind of things i do when im working or driving. I let my mind wonder and dream up funny/silly things.

i just sneezed.

Ok thats my update.


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Mar. 8th, 2012 06:58 pm (UTC)
I didn't sleep well last night either. I think I'm turning into a princess. (Princess and the Pea) Every little crease in the sheets or grain of sand have been driving me crazy. Last night's problem was the weather.

What platform do you game on? I started playing MW3 with Jacob so we'd have something to bond over and turns out, I enjoy the game. I've slacked off though because he got the XIM that connects to our Xbox so that he can play with the mouse and keyboard. OMGosh. I love it, too, so now I don't wanna play with the regular controller.
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