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yay :)

long story short ill spare all the mini details , but i tried out my m-audio recording thing. sounds pretty good/clear. I just tried it with my electric acoustic guitar, dunnow how a real electric will sound yet or my bass but im happy it works :D At first i thought it was messed up cuz it was fuzzy - it is refurbished (factory fixed it or w/e) so thats why i got it for cheaper. So i was like ugh great i gotta send it back this is annoying. But turns out it was just my patch cord i was using. I was like wait i think this is the one that has a short in it, and i was right :) so i used another 1 i have adn it worke great :)

speaking of which i need to grab another patch chord. I should also look into testing out some pedals for electric guitar. Im not limited to acoustic music anymore now that i can record straight through that. yay! :)

anyway its well past my bedtime. had to stay up to do some video game administrative stuff for this basketball league i run then played a game. i won by like 2 points but it was a thriller! it came down to the last 15 seconds. i got a steal well his guy fumbled the ball and my guy derrick rose picked it up and i got a fast break 2 points to be up by 5 points. he called a timeout. and got a quick 3 off and splashed it. so i was up by 2. i passed it in got fouled of course made my free throws with rose so up by 4 now. -dejavu timeout and splashed another 3 with the same guy as last time . im like OH CRAP now cuz hes down by 1 and he fouls and im at the line again. i sink 2 clutch ft's to put me up by 3 again. adn im thinking he better not even hit another 3 with him he ran out of timeouts so he had to bring the ball down the ct with 3-4 seconds left and he didnt stop at the 3 pt line and shot a 2 and missed so i won :) yay!

anyway i need to go to sleep. considering making love to myself first. dunno.


Mar. 11th, 2012 05:56 am (UTC)
hey nitno i remember you! :) things are alright :) im glad you like. im just filling up some empty space i guess and typing.

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