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i forgot to mention this the other day, but its ok cuz now i can put it in 1 post.
Its been awhile since i listened to any newer music aside what i hear on the way to/from work on the radio. Ive been reading a lot lately and working on my own music so yeah.

I decided to check out some music thought id give a mini review.

Fun. - Im sure ppl have heard the radio song. toniiiiiiiiight we are young so lets set the world on fire! we can get brighter! than the sunnnnnnnnnnnn. etc.. Anyway thats the best song on the album. there were a couple other 'goodish' songs, but meh.

MxPx - Their new album comes out next month i think.. one of my favorite bands, but unfortunately its not as great as Life In General/Slowly going the way. which are 2 of my favorites or even The ever passing moment was pretty good. This was just like their past couple albums. Maybe im growing out of them? I feel so traitorous to even say that. I love the arthur stuff still, but the past few mxpx albums i find myself struggling to find 2 songs that i really like. There was 2 songs that were 'ok' that stick out, but thats bout it.

Punk goes Pop 4 - Ive always loved these albums, sometimes they do good versions of popular radio songs that you know even if you dont WANT to know them. They didnt fail too hard. Lots of good covers. Id say about half the album was good. Loved the Runaway - Kanye cover by silverstein.

Naked and Famous - I heard a couple songs of theirs on the radio so i thought id try the album out. The 2 songs on the radio are once again the best songs they have available. All the other ones if i remember right just remind me of like hippy/stoner music or something. Well let me rehraise that. Not really hippy stoner music. Just really soft and... kinda like that new age /world music that youd hear when you get a massage or something, but more technoey? if that makes sense.

There you go. Oh Metric Itunes album too.. i LOVED their last album so yeah i liked this they did slightly different versions of the song, 1 of them i really realy liked the new version. They added strings and it was beautiful <3.

ok now im done for now. Going to go to sleep. Going to the casino tonight to waste some money. i figure id drop about 10-20 on a slot machine, and going to play BINGO!


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