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ok so...

honestly the past couple are a bit of a haze. i mean i just worked.

i could complain about work, but meh such a waste of my time and energy ;p

OH! I can talk about the Bulls last night! So Derrick Rose was out and they played the SECOND best team in the league. Thats right i said it. SECOND! Cuz Bulls are the FIRST. Anyway so im thinking crap... this is going to be a tough loss at home vs the heat cuz we're missing our star lpayer. But lo and behold mr John Lucas the 3rd. 3rd string point guard comes through biiig with 24 points soe key shots and all around great team plays and defensive stops from the Bulls win by 4 points! Needless to say this TOTALLY made my night hell maybe even week.

Today is the trade deadline. Bulls are in a couple rumors, but i dont see anything happening... then again you never really know what the front offices are going to do.

Lets see... im drawing a blank. I think im going to see Hunger Games on my day off. I read the book series so i'd like to see how it translates to film.

Today is my nieces birthday! Gawd... shes going to be such a pain the older she gets. She turns 10 and she already acts like shes got a chip on her shoulder/like shes some princess. I always try to knock her down a few pegs when I see her just because attitudes like that are disgusting. Confidence is ok, but shes just flat out full of herself/thinks the world owes her or something kinda attitude. Buuuut i still love her. :) I guess my sister told me that she said "Momma imma be 10 so that meansim a preteen, I think i can start picking out my own clothes now' And my sister was like "Yeah thats not gonna happen" hehehe. Its kinda funny cuz my sister is like me and tries to get her to like tone down that attitude, but its just still there.

actually i just got nostalgic and looked for this.. shes still like this. i guess i shouldn be surprised of how she is. 'do you like love or money better.. .MONEY.

ok got side tracked. uh... just checked my shipping status on that piece to fix my old old laptop. hopefully it works. if not i guess it was only 5 bucks so no big loss. Its just the screen/backlight i THINK. I can still hook it up to my tv and have it work, but i plan to use it just to record music on. I dont really like the linux apps that much for recording stuff.

whelp i guess thats all for now. i dunno what else to say. had to work about 40 mins overtime today cuz my relief was late. that kinda sucked cuz my legs were hella tired.


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Mar. 15th, 2012 04:07 pm (UTC)
That's funny. I watched that yesterday @ your youtube. LOL. My favorite part: "Have you ever smoked... You better not... That's nassssty." LOL!
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