some of my

worst feelings in the world.

1. being lied to/broken promise
2. being rejected
3. getting so excited for something to happen and it looks like its finally about to, then some issue comes up to where it doesnt :(
4. being sick, i rarely ever get sick, but if i do i hate it!
5. bad breakups (friendship or other)

ill continue this list later. im kinda down right now.

ok so...

honestly the past couple are a bit of a haze. i mean i just worked.

i could complain about work, but meh such a waste of my time and energy ;p

OH! I can talk about the Bulls last night! So Derrick Rose was out and they played the SECOND best team in the league. Thats right i said it. SECOND! Cuz Bulls are the FIRST. Anyway so im thinking crap... this is going to be a tough loss at home vs the heat cuz we're missing our star lpayer. But lo and behold mr John Lucas the 3rd. 3rd string point guard comes through biiig with 24 points soe key shots and all around great team plays and defensive stops from the Bulls win by 4 points! Needless to say this TOTALLY made my night hell maybe even week.

Today is the trade deadline. Bulls are in a couple rumors, but i dont see anything happening... then again you never really know what the front offices are going to do.

Lets see... im drawing a blank. I think im going to see Hunger Games on my day off. I read the book series so i'd like to see how it translates to film.

Today is my nieces birthday! Gawd... shes going to be such a pain the older she gets. She turns 10 and she already acts like shes got a chip on her shoulder/like shes some princess. I always try to knock her down a few pegs when I see her just because attitudes like that are disgusting. Confidence is ok, but shes just flat out full of herself/thinks the world owes her or something kinda attitude. Buuuut i still love her. :) I guess my sister told me that she said "Momma imma be 10 so that meansim a preteen, I think i can start picking out my own clothes now' And my sister was like "Yeah thats not gonna happen" hehehe. Its kinda funny cuz my sister is like me and tries to get her to like tone down that attitude, but its just still there.

actually i just got nostalgic and looked for this.. shes still like this. i guess i shouldn be surprised of how she is. 'do you like love or money better.. .MONEY.

ok got side tracked. uh... just checked my shipping status on that piece to fix my old old laptop. hopefully it works. if not i guess it was only 5 bucks so no big loss. Its just the screen/backlight i THINK. I can still hook it up to my tv and have it work, but i plan to use it just to record music on. I dont really like the linux apps that much for recording stuff.

whelp i guess thats all for now. i dunno what else to say. had to work about 40 mins overtime today cuz my relief was late. that kinda sucked cuz my legs were hella tired.


i forgot to mention this the other day, but its ok cuz now i can put it in 1 post.
Its been awhile since i listened to any newer music aside what i hear on the way to/from work on the radio. Ive been reading a lot lately and working on my own music so yeah.

I decided to check out some music thought id give a mini review.

Fun. - Im sure ppl have heard the radio song. toniiiiiiiiight we are young so lets set the world on fire! we can get brighter! than the sunnnnnnnnnnnn. etc.. Anyway thats the best song on the album. there were a couple other 'goodish' songs, but meh.

MxPx - Their new album comes out next month i think.. one of my favorite bands, but unfortunately its not as great as Life In General/Slowly going the way. which are 2 of my favorites or even The ever passing moment was pretty good. This was just like their past couple albums. Maybe im growing out of them? I feel so traitorous to even say that. I love the arthur stuff still, but the past few mxpx albums i find myself struggling to find 2 songs that i really like. There was 2 songs that were 'ok' that stick out, but thats bout it.

Punk goes Pop 4 - Ive always loved these albums, sometimes they do good versions of popular radio songs that you know even if you dont WANT to know them. They didnt fail too hard. Lots of good covers. Id say about half the album was good. Loved the Runaway - Kanye cover by silverstein.

Naked and Famous - I heard a couple songs of theirs on the radio so i thought id try the album out. The 2 songs on the radio are once again the best songs they have available. All the other ones if i remember right just remind me of like hippy/stoner music or something. Well let me rehraise that. Not really hippy stoner music. Just really soft and... kinda like that new age /world music that youd hear when you get a massage or something, but more technoey? if that makes sense.

There you go. Oh Metric Itunes album too.. i LOVED their last album so yeah i liked this they did slightly different versions of the song, 1 of them i really realy liked the new version. They added strings and it was beautiful <3.

ok now im done for now. Going to go to sleep. Going to the casino tonight to waste some money. i figure id drop about 10-20 on a slot machine, and going to play BINGO!

yay :)

long story short ill spare all the mini details , but i tried out my m-audio recording thing. sounds pretty good/clear. I just tried it with my electric acoustic guitar, dunnow how a real electric will sound yet or my bass but im happy it works :D At first i thought it was messed up cuz it was fuzzy - it is refurbished (factory fixed it or w/e) so thats why i got it for cheaper. So i was like ugh great i gotta send it back this is annoying. But turns out it was just my patch cord i was using. I was like wait i think this is the one that has a short in it, and i was right :) so i used another 1 i have adn it worke great :)

speaking of which i need to grab another patch chord. I should also look into testing out some pedals for electric guitar. Im not limited to acoustic music anymore now that i can record straight through that. yay! :)

anyway its well past my bedtime. had to stay up to do some video game administrative stuff for this basketball league i run then played a game. i won by like 2 points but it was a thriller! it came down to the last 15 seconds. i got a steal well his guy fumbled the ball and my guy derrick rose picked it up and i got a fast break 2 points to be up by 5 points. he called a timeout. and got a quick 3 off and splashed it. so i was up by 2. i passed it in got fouled of course made my free throws with rose so up by 4 now. -dejavu timeout and splashed another 3 with the same guy as last time . im like OH CRAP now cuz hes down by 1 and he fouls and im at the line again. i sink 2 clutch ft's to put me up by 3 again. adn im thinking he better not even hit another 3 with him he ran out of timeouts so he had to bring the ball down the ct with 3-4 seconds left and he didnt stop at the 3 pt line and shot a 2 and missed so i won :) yay!

anyway i need to go to sleep. considering making love to myself first. dunno.


im about to cook some carne asada tacos for dinner.

im about to order a backlight to fix my old laptop to use it for recording music only.

i should be getting the thing i ordered today tracking number says its in town so we'll see.

thats my update for today. work was slow. i dunno what else to say today.


i didnt sleep very well yesterday. I woke up like two times because iw as sleeping on my arm or something wrong and my arm was numb so it woke me up. After the second time i was just like eff it.. and got up. It was ok though because i wanted to watch the Bulls game anyway. D-Rose hit a buzzer beater to win it. It was awesome :D.

I thought of something funny. Well funny to me, but i dunno where to work it in. Maybe in a skit or something. Its just kinda a brief moment of comedy though. There could be different scenarios, but the funny part is some guy is selling a "Lightly Used" love doll. Like one of these lol. Like i said many combinations could be used thats just one of them. I kinda like the idea of a group of guys and them going some place but one of the guys is like 'sorry guys i cant im in a bidding war. and they're like for what? and he shows them the ebay page and u see the doll and the title "Lightly Used love doll" and then just branch from there. heh.

Yes this is the kind of things i do when im working or driving. I let my mind wonder and dream up funny/silly things.

i just sneezed.

Ok thats my update.


Basketball was fun yesterday. Unfortunately the 7am start ended up being a 8am maybe start cuz this kid im staying with i guess got into some trouble and his parole office had to give him persmission and hadnt gotten back to him. So then 8am turned into 9:30 by time he actually got permission and met up with us. Got to the gym around 10 and played until 12:30. Nice good workout :)

One of the dudes Chris is older and more out of shape and was pretty bad , but he tried so thats cool. He was very tired at the 1 1/2 hour mark and toughed it through until the 2 hr mark. The other dude is close to my age and was getting tired/called it quits before me, but he had to work so i can understand. I couldve went another hour though at least. I was hurting/sweating, but it felt good. I didnt end up going to sleep until like 2:30pm and woke up like right at the time i normally get int he shower/get ready for work. Baby cows were hurting a lil bit and i can feel a lil pain, but its all good :)

Ron Paul didnt win any states yesterday :/ Got like 3-4 second place wins, but no true victories. Big corporations are scared crapless of my dude. Its all fixed though so I dont know why I even bother trying to talk sense into people. Le Sigh. This is why i hate politics. Finally a guy who actually makes sense to me, doesnt come off as a liar/puppet shows up wanting to stop messing around with other countries / not start wars / bring troops home / work on America instead of Policing the world etc.. and of course he gets shut out by the media and most people who dont really pay attention just see the same 1 or 2 guys and IF they vote they say 'oh well i know that guy so ill vote for him' Crooked mfers.

Im at the point where I dont know what to say. So im out.


went to see a basketball game tonight. also go to see miss america (as i guess shes from milwaukee and thats where the game was). Also the Packers QB showed up at halftime so ppl were going crazy. ::SHrug:: Im a Chicago kid, so it wasnt much of a thing to me. And miss america wasnt that hot at all imo.

Anywho the game was decent. They had some air guitar standoff between 2 fans and the one that won somehow got all the ppl in our section a free Wendy's Frosty so hell yeah! And they had this cookie go around the whole arena on the like lil digital board and it stopped on our section so we get a free cookie.. Too bad it was hard as a rock lol. Still though, Night of free stuff so im not complaining. :)

Just purchased this

So yes.... a small step into the future of me actually recording my music in good quality. I can run my keyboard/microkorg/bass/electric and acoustic through this. So yes.. a step...

I got it for a decent deal instead of the 120 i got it on ebay for 80 with free shipping.. i had like 25 bucks from a stranger online from helping fix their computer (2 donations so far for doing that!) so really it only cost me like 55 :).

Im doing pretty good at writing in this thing. Kinda brings me back.